Isles of Yahlin - Shaders & Materials, VFX

Here are some examples of shaders and materials I made on during my graduation project. For a full breakdown and explanation of the waterfall, make sure to visit my blog! I was still learning a lot about materials and shaders at this stage and I had a lot of places I drew inspiration from.

Stylized waterfall & ripple effect:

Physics-less reactive grass:

Math roodhuizen 1waterfallfullfinal

RiME inspired waterfall - Unity version (Amplify Shader Editor) made for guest classes at my uni, see blog for full details/breakdown.

Math roodhuizen waterfall4

RiME inspired waterfall - UE4 version (older version)

Math roodhuizen waterwrinklesspline4

The water 'wrinkle' shader applied to a spline

Math roodhuizen watercaustics2

Simple water caustics effect using a deferred decal in UE4

Math roodhuizen flagwave4

Animated flag material using vertex displacement and a noise map which pans in world space. Ship model is unfinished. UE4 has a cloth simulation and wind system but it did not look very good in this case and was a lot more expensive.

Math roodhuizen grassonrock3

Simple material that puts a grassy texture on top of the rocks, next to this...

Math roodhuizen grassonrockvertexcolor can also use vertex colors to mask out the grass completely if you want bare rocks to maximize asset reusability (all on the same material to reduce draw calls).

Math roodhuizen grassmove

The grass moves away from the player when the player moves through it. The grass material uses the player location in world space and draws a sphere mask there, which is used to push the vertices of the grass away from the player.

Math roodhuizen fogcard

This fog's opacity is based on both the angle you look at it and how far away you are from it to fake volumetric fog. When you move close to or look at the plane from an angle it it will slowly become more transparent to hide the fact that it is a plane.