Star Trek: Bridge Crew (Oculus Quest)
Star Trek: Bridge Crew (Oculus Quest)

Originally created by Ubisoft Redstorm, Star Trek: Bridge Crew is a VR game originally made for PC VR and Playstation VR. I was part of the team at Force Field XR (now part of Vertigo Games) that worked on porting Star Trek: Bridge Crew to the Oculus Quest. Making this project run smoothly and retain decent visual quality on what is essentially a device with the power of a mobile phone was a challenge and turned out to be more fun that I expected initially.

My responsibilities and contributions included:
- Creation of shaders and materials to replace the more expensive ones used
- Optimization of VFX, including draw call optimizations, overdraw reduction and creation of / applying faster shaders whilst retaining visual fidelity.
- Using in-engine profiling tools and external tools to profile live builds from device
- Organizing, reviewing, and providing feedback on outsourced assets to our outsource partner, on both artistic and technical quality
- Scene organization with a focus on optimizing draw calls
- Re-modeling of some meshes, clean-up and polygon reduction for parts of the environments and some of the ships.

I want to stress that this project obviously was a team effort, and on many of the points I shared above the responsibilities were shared.

More artwork
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