Anne Frank House VR - Oculus Quest

My first project at Force Field, Anne Frank House VR was released last year on Oculus Quest for free. The project was initially released on Oculus Go as a pre-rendered experience, and our task was to make it a full room-scale experience for the Oculus Quest. The environments shown here were a group effort, my contributions ranged from some texture work (some wallpapers, polishing of outsourced assets), the creation of a few props and the re-design of some UI work. The art for this project was mostly overseen by Zrinko Kozlica. I also reviewed outsourced assets for this project to make sure they would fit in with the other assets and met our quality standards. It was a great experience to work on this project and really amazing to see all the positive responses we have gotten from people who tried it, and I'm very proud that we got something that looks this good to run on Oculus Quest!