Star Trek: Bridge Crew (Oculus Quest)
Star Trek: Bridge Crew (Oculus Quest)

Created by Ubisoft Redstorm, Star Trek: Bridge Crew is a VR game originally made for PC VR and Playstation VR. I was in the team at Force Field XR (now part of Vertigo Games) that worked on porting Star Trek: Bridge Crew to the Oculus Quest. Making this project run smoothly and retain decent visual quality on what is essentially a device with the power of a mobile phone was a challenge and turned out to be more fun that I expected initially.

My responsibilities and contributions included:

Creation of shaders and materials to replace the more expensive ones used

Optimization of VFX, including draw call optimizations, overdraw reduction and creation of / applying faster shaders whilst retaining visual fidelity. During this time optimized the majority of VFX used in the game. When an existing effect turned out to be too expensive and could not be optimized with traditional methods, I would create a new one from scratch.

Using in-engine profiling tools and external tools to profile live builds from device.

Organizing, reviewing, and providing feedback on outsourced assets to our outsource partner, on both artistic and technical quality.

Scene organization with a focus on optimizing draw calls.

Re-modeling of some meshes, clean-up and polygon reduction for parts of the environments and some of the ships.

I want to stress that this project obviously was a team effort, and on many of the points I shared above the responsibilities were shared.

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