Frostwind - Stylized Fantasy Axe

Made this one a while ago but never posted it here - hope you like it!
Wanted to design something myself. Started with some sketching, made a mockup in Maya, then did the majority in Zbrush and finished off in UE4. Did some final effects in UE4 as a bit of an experiment, and made a custom material for the ice / ice particles.

The idea is that it's a branch of the mythical world tree (inspired on Norse mythology) that died during a great blizzard, with this being the only branch left that broke off during the ice storm. I wanted to make it look as if it a bunch of ice froze to the branch.

Math roodhuizen iceaxe 1

Frostwind - Stylized Fantasy Axe

Quick video showing the asset with some particles I did. Created the material for the ice and the particles myself, the particles have some movement already in the material to make them feel more natural, using a simple mask I created in Designer.

Math roodhuizen frostwindsketches

Some quick sketches I did. I like to start with a rough sketch to get a starting point, and do the final bit of the design in 3D. Sketching for me is the quickest way to generate ideas, but I like to finalize the design in 3D.

Math roodhuizen screenshot3

Some screens from UE4 showing the asset in different lighting scenarios. The ice material has some paralax in the cracks/bubbles.

Math roodhuizen iceaxe 2

Close up of the bottom part, including the hand guard

Math roodhuizen iceaxe 3

Close up of the top part