Swamp Shack - Stylized PBR diorama

Based on a concept by David Harrington.

I really liked making my previous project (Irish Pub diorama) so I decided to create something else that includes some architecture. Most importantly, I wanted to create something based of someone else's concept this time. I usually design my own props and environments but I felt like it would be good for my portfolio to translate a 2D concept to a 3D model. I tried to find a good balance in materials and be smart with my textures without losing the general feel of the concept. The roof is a tiling texture, as well as the walls, but I placed rooftiles and planks to hide the tiling textures underneath. By using tiling textures which could be used in more places (in a game) on large portions of the mesh, I tried to save plenty of UV space to keep a decent resolution for my other textures. Next time I also want to have a more strict poly budget since some planks and rooftiles have unnecessary polygons.

Math roodhuizen highresscreenshot00013

Overview from a similar angle as the concept by David Harrington.

Sketchfab - Tried to recreate the UE4 lighting as close as possible, and did a workaround for the water ripples as you can't really do shaders like this, so I resorted to an additive mask and 2 planes per 'wrinkle' that animate in opposite directions.

Quick video showing the model in UE4. I made the ripple effects similar to the ones I showcased in my blog only difference being this one is additive and using a more painterly looking mask.

Math roodhuizen highresscreenshot00015

Side view

Math roodhuizen highresscreenshot00016

Back view