Irish pub - PBR interior diorama

A small PBR diorama of an Irish pub. Textured with Designer and Painter. I tried to keep a nice resolution whilst still being rather optimized, so I created a trim sheet texture completely in Designer and used this to texture large portions of the interior. This way decent resolution can be retained without using massive texture files. I created the models first and then created a trim sheet for it afterwards, but next time I would like to try to do it the other way around. All in all it was a very nice exercise in the Substance Painter and Designer workflow and it allowed me to create something that was really missing from my portfolio; an interior. The textures are almost fully procedural and little to no hand painting was used (only for the small signs).

Math roodhuizen highresscreenshot00010

Imported everyhing into UE4 to really get the most out of the lighting. I looked at reference images of cafés and pubs at night and exaggerated some features to boost the atmosphere.

Irish Pub - PBR Diorama in Sketchfab. Sketchfab is great but can't compare to UE4 when it comes to lighting. Really happy to have gotten a Sketchfab Staff Pick on this one!

Math roodhuizen highresscreenshot00005

Overview of the entire composition in UE4. The volumetric lights really give that hazy/smokey pub feel and helps a lot to get the right atmosphere.

Math roodhuizen lightingprogress

Lighting progress - 1: first setup, it felt all over the place. 2: more contrast, but almost feels creepy and not cozy! 3: feeling a lot more warm/cozy but a bit too red. 4: more balance, softer gradients. Subtle blue tones to give a bit of color contrast

Math roodhuizen pub portfolio materials

Overview of the different maps across multiple materials.

Math roodhuizen portfolio wireframe

Wireframe, which you can also check out on the 3D viewer > model inspector

Math roodhuizen textureportfolio trimsheet

Trim sheet I made completely in Substance Designer. With this I tried to keep a decent resolution without having to resort to huge texture maps. These are the textures used for Sketchfab, in UE4 the roughness and metallic are packed together (res of 512).

Math roodhuizen textureportfolio mainassets

The main assets that I textured in Painter using some of the Substances I made in Designer. These are the textures used for Sketchfab, in UE4 the roughness and metallic are packed together (res of 1024).