3D freelance work: Project Grove

Some prop and environment work I did for Project Grove by Antler Studios as a temporary freelancer. I worked on this project during the span of 5 weeks for roughly 20 days. In cooperation with the art director, Charis Avraam, and the rest of the team, I created assets in a new style to with the objective to give Project Grove a visual makeover. We completely re-imagined the visual style of the game. The team would point me towards a direction, I would create some test assets and based on feedback I would change the style. All assets are low-poly and have LOD's assigned to them. I used only small amount of materials and worked a lot with material instances to get variation in color.

Math roodhuizen screens2

3D environment I put together with the assets I made. Note how the vines can be used to get a very dynamic feel.

Math roodhuizen screens3

3D environment I put together with the assets I made. Here I'm using a lot of different light sources to light the cave, like the glow worms and glowing crystals.

Math roodhuizen screens4

3D environment I put together with the assets I made.

Math roodhuizen screens1

3D environment I put together with the assets I made.

Math roodhuizen screens10

Stylized foliage: they all share the same material and colors can be adjusted via an material instance, where you can set 2 colors for each foliage. This way you only need 1 texture and 1 material.

Math roodhuizen screens6

Trees: a huge one to create a canopy, a rather generic one to that doesn't look too unique so you can use it everywhere and a more unique looking one that is supposed to be used more sparsely.

Math roodhuizen screens7

I tried to find a balance in de amount of detail and contrast. All color variation is parameterized and you can set both colors in a material instance, thus getting lots of color varation with only 1 mask and material.

Math roodhuizen screens8

Rock set: each rock has a specific purpose and is designed in a certain way. You have big fillers with simple shapes to block out large areas, flat rocks for floors and ceilings and smaller rocks to create detail around player height.

Math roodhuizen screens9

Some cave / scatter assets: stalactites and stalagmites, glowing crystals, vines and glow worms.

Math roodhuizen screens12

Rough sketches. I made these in constant communication with the other team members to quickly come up with a design that would work for the gameplay. We needed a plant that would function as some type of 'lock' where you could place a key-type object in.

Math roodhuizen screens11

3D version roughly based off the sketches I made.

Math roodhuizen godrayanimated3gif

Animated god ray material: 4 tris, 1 additive material and 1 low-res texture

Math roodhuizen fireflies2gif

Fireflies particles

Math roodhuizen progress1

A gif showing the starting point, starting with some style tests, to my final work, spanning over roughly 20 days of work.